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I started Arctic Spas – Utah, originally know as Aqua Balance, Inc. in February of 1989. I was only 17 at the time and still in high school. I lived near Park City and as everyone knows there is an unlimited amount of spa work in Park City.

I started out repairing spas and pools. Most spa dealers start by opening a retail store first, however, I started out repairing all brands of spas. I soon learned what makes a good spa and what does not. in 1995, my dad told me that I would always be doing the same thing until I opened a retail store.

Shortly after, we bought the “Blue Roof” in Park City and moved in. At the end of 1997, we started looking at the Arctic Spa, which was new to the US, because of the engineering for the cold climates.

From my experience with repairing all brands of spas, I knew I had found a great spa. We changed the name of the company to Arctic Spas to reflect our new direction. We stopped servicing all brands and simply concentrated on our most important customer, the Arctic Spa owner.

In 1999, we opened the store in Salt Lake on 3300 South. 6 years later, we purchased our current building on the corner of I-80 and State Street. We have now grown to be the second largest spa dealer in Utah and we are right on the tail of the #1 dealer. Being #2 is a great place to be. It helps to remind us that we need to constantly be better at what we do.
The Arctic Spas brand has only been offered in the United States since 1997 and since they are manufactured in Thorsby, Alberta, Canada (near Edmonton). Arctic Spas is the most northern manufacturer of spas and hot tubs.

If you haven’t noticed from the information on this web site, Arctic Spas are ideally suited for cold climates like the climate here in Utah. Arctic Spas are the most efficient spa made because we not only insulate all of the plumbing, equipment, components, water, etc., but we also utilize the heat that is produced from the motors to help heat the water.

This means that the maintenance heat, or what is required to keep your spa hot and ready to use all the time, is provided at virtually no additional cost since the spa has to filter the water for 4 hours a day anyway.

Heating a spa is your biggest operating cost and by not needing the heater as often, your electrical bill is drastically reduced each month. Arctic Spas typically run at Ā½ the cost to operate versus any other spa.

This principle has proved itself time and time again with the thousands of customers we have enjoying the most efficient spa made. Just take the time to read their comments under the “Customer Comments” section of this site. There are many other features that set the Arctic Spa apart from the others.
I tell many of my customers a story about my parents buying a new satellite dish. The really liked the old one but the new dish (and a different service) offered many little features for a little less money each month.

Each feature individually doesn’t mean much but when you put them all together and you factor in the added benefit of a lower cost each month, the end satisfaction is enormously greater. After owning both, they never would switch back.

The Arctic Spa is similar. You will see lots of little features that individually seem very insignificant when looking at the whole spa. However, these little features will be what you enjoy about your Arctic Spa.

Customers all over the world thank themselves each night as they relax in their Arctic Spa that made the right decision. We hear new Arctic Spa customers tell us all the time that they should have purchased their spa sooner.

Bottom line is there are a lot of good spas out there but there is only one that stands on top. That is the Arctic Spa. Don’t take my word for it, come in and see for yourself. We don’t just tell you that we are better, we show you why we are better.
I took forward to getting you into a little hot water.

Christian Staples

Arctic Spas – Salt Lake


More about Arctic Spas the Company

Arctic Spas was founded in 1994. The ownership group is a unique group of guys, having all grown up on farms and in small rural communities of western Canada, where the value of your word far outweighed your commercial success.

We have carried those same values through the entire culture of our business, that is, hot tub and hot tub supplies. We pride ourselves on listening and supporting our customers, dealers and employees alike. Visit one of our wholesale hot tubs showrooms or our factories and speak with anyone, it is obvious we all take providing the best product and service in the industry very seriously.

As a leadingĀ hot tub manufacturer, we have always been known for our product quality and innovation. Our focus continues to be on offering the most innovative designs, provide a wonderful hot tub experience, costing less to operate, and require the least amount of maintenance. We are one of the most trusted hot tub dealers and manufacturers in the UK and our spas combine the most advanced spa technology with world-class construction techniques to ensure your enjoyment for years to come.

Thank you for taking the time to review our website.