Shopping for a new spa at the fair? You’ll find no more hot tub choices at the Utah State Fair this year.

It comes as a surprise and with sadness that the Utah State Fair has decided to eliminate your hot tub choices this year at the 2014 Utah State Fair. Our 14 consecutive years of displaying Arctic Spas and participating in the Utah State Fair has now come to an end. Through a 3 year exclusive agreement made with Bullfrog Spas, the Utah State Fair has informed the other long time hot tub dealers that we are no longer welcome to display our hot tubs at the fair. Over the last 30 years or so, the Utah State Fair has become known as the largest spa sale event of the year and the place for you to get your best “deal” on a great addition to your backyard. Sadly, those days have come to an end. You will only find Bullfrog Spas at the Utah State Fair this year. Shared below, is the letter received from the Utah State Fair, informing us of their decision.

We all know that part of what makes our open market in America great is competition. It pushes companies to innovate as well as helping to control prices for the customer. With exclusive agreements such as the one Bullfrog Spas and the Utah State Fair have agreed to, both are looking to do just the opposite. Thus eliminating the competition not based on the better product but on an “exclusive” agreement. This gives you fewer choices and unfortunately higher prices.

As a founding member of the Utah Hot Tub Association, we have worked together as a group of hot tub dealers to promote just the opposite, giving you the choice of multiple brands as well as the best “deal.” We create the highly competitive environment between friendly hot tub dealers where you, the consumer wins. Check out our website at for more information on upcoming events.

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