The Truth About The Traveling Spa Show

by | Aug 3, 2017

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas.

This weekend as I am sure you have seen advertised, an out of state hot tub dealer will be coming to Salt Lake…again.

So what really is the truth about these spa and swim spa shows?

You go to the spa show believing that you can do your due diligence by shopping many dealers and many brands. The truth is that you will see only one dealer and one manufacture.

You go to the spa expo believing that you will have service after the purchase. The truth is that is this company is here this weekend and then they will return back home on Monday, thousands of miles away. They may promise that you can get service through subcontractors but the truth is that no one can provide service like someone who is here in Salt Lake to help you.

You go to the hot tub show believing that you will get the best deal on your hot tub purchase. The truth is that the deal is not that great of a deal and any local spa dealer will match their deal.

The sad truth about these spa shows is that you are lured in by the advertising, the “blow out deal”, “this weekend only”, with little or not thought for the future. Out of any hot purchase, theses spa shows have the lowest customer satisfaction versus any local hot tub dealer.

If you are interested in more enjoyment with your hot tub and swim spa purchase, visit a local dealer with local service and a long term commitment to customer happiness. Come see Arctic Spas at 2368 S State Street, yes that is in Salt Lake, online at, or gives us a local call at 801-483-1001.