Buy localIf you haven’t seen the commercials yet, you will see them shortly. This weekend an out of state spa dealer is coming to Salt Lake…again. While it may be tempting to buy something from an out of state traveling spa show, here are the top 3 things you should think about before buying at traveling spa show.

1st – Local Service – When you are located in another state other than the spa dealer, it is obvious that you will not get the support you are looking for compared to a local hot tub dealer. How many times have we as customers complained that we cannot get help with something that we have purchased even if we like the product? Service after the sale does make a difference in how well you enjoy any product years down the road. Don’t set yourself up for frustration by choosing someone who cannot offer local service.

2nd – One Brand – Be aware that even though you may get the feeling that this is a group of local spa manufactures, it is not. It is one dealer, selling one brand. There are no local dealers at a traveling spa show. This means that you cannot get all your shopping done under one roof. Most customers prefer to check out a few spa dealers to make an educated decision instead of being corralled into one choice.

3rd – The “Deal” – In essence the “deal” is not the deal you may think it is. They may make you feel like you are getting a “deal” with their huge sale, but the reality is that local dealers are more than happy to match any “deal” that you think you are getting because it really is not that great of a deal. Don’t get caught up in the moment thinking that if you don’t take advantage of it now, you will forever miss out. They offer the same “deal” every weekend at shows year round in different locations.

If you do end up watching this video after you have purchased from the traveling spa show, remember that legally you have the right to cancel any offsite transaction within 3 days. Especially if you paid with a credit card, you can simply decline the charge.

My point to this is that you might be happy in the moment with a traveling spa show hot tub, but down the road, you will have a much greater chance of being dissatisfied. A hot tub is one of the bigger purchased you will make in your life. Make it last by setting your experience up for success with a local hot tub dealer.