I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. Way back in 1989, I started repairing hot tubs in Park City, Utah. Park City is known worldwide for being in the mountains and home to 3 world class ski resorts. Especially in the winter, the majority of the hot tub repairs arose because of cold weather. When I found the Arctic Spa, I knew this was the hot tub built specifically for the cold and would be perfect for Utah. This is why I say that the Arctic Spa is the only spa built for Utah’s Harsh Climate.

One of our biggest competitors brags on their website about how efficient their spas are. They claim that their spa costs eleven dollars and eighty one cents to operate per month. Read the fine print. This is at a water temperature of only 101 degrees and more importantly, at an ambient air temperature of 60 degrees. As of right now, it is 5 degrees in Park City and the average low even in July doesn’t even reach 50 degrees. This is a completely unreasonable basis to measure efficiency.

Arctic Spas are built just outside of Edmonton, Canada. We are the most northern manufacture of spas in the world. Our factory people wake up in the same environment that our hot tubs are built for. They don’t wake up in a place like southern California and think they are building a hot tub for Park City.

So what does it mean build a hot tub for the cold? Let’s start at the bottom.

The floor – we build a waterproof, fully insulated floor strong enough to sit directly on the snow.

The cabinet – we build a cabinet that does not fall apart. I know it sounds crazy but there are a lot of spa cabinets out there that fall apart with the weather.

Insulation – everything needs to be on the inside of the insulation and protected from the cold. The Arctic Spa Cabinet is an insulated box on all sides. With other spas, they use a vented door to protect the equipment. Do you know what happens to a pump that is only protected by a vented door at 5 degrees when the power goes out? The water in the wet end of the pump will freeze and crack the plastic. Then you call the repair guy.

Freeze Protection – every single spa offers freeze protection when it has power to the spa but what happens when the breaker trips or there is a power failure? Arctic Spas are the only spa with true freeze protection in the event of power outage. An Arctic Spa can survive for a week without freezing even in the dead of winter in Park City.

The Cover – this is no different than the roof on your house. The cover needs to be well insulated and able to withstand the weight of the snow. Most standard spa covers fail to live up to this need, especially in the winter.

Comfort – there is only one spa with a wind lip. Arctic Spas have a bigger lip around the top of the spa to protect you from the wind making your spa time more comfortable.

Since 1998 when we delivered our first Arctic Spa, we have proven over an over again, with almost 4000 Arctic Spas, that the Arctic Spas is the only spa built for Utah’s Harsh Climate. As of today, we have had only 4 spas ever freeze and need a repair. No other spa has this kind of a reputation. Further, we are the only spa that gives each of our customers a power consumption meter. Our customers know for themselves how much their spa is costing them every month. We don’t just test it at 60 degrees to see how much power it uses, we prove it every day with every single Arctic Spa.

So look no further for the only spa built for Utah’s Harsh Climate. Give us a all at 801-483–1001 or look us up on the web at ArcticSpasUtah.com.