Date effective: June 2013

This is a technical service bulletin to all Arctic Spa owners regarding a firmware revision.

Hello everybody,

Please see below for the complete list of adjustments from 2.02.0002:

– Software revision shows completely on the topside
– Power Management now disables heater during “peak” hours
– Econo is scrolled on the topside when heater is disabled (during Peak hours)
– Peak 1 ozone status is sent to apps
– last octet of IP is shown in LLP when pack is connected to server
– Pressing Pump 1 key during filtration is suspending the filter cycle for the full time
– Heater turns on when using LLP setting one phase BS 16 or BS 20
– Temp now goes up to 40 ºC (41.5ºC override)
– Lights now timeout after two hours.

To install the firmware update…

1. Put the file on a usb stick (make sure its on the main page – not in a folder within the stick)
2. Plug the usb stick into the processor card on the spa pack
3. Green and yellow lights will start flashing, wait until the yellow light goes out and just solid green is there (takes 40 seconds or so)
4. Unplug the usb stick and recycle the power
5. Green and Yellow lights will flash again and spa will boot-up with the new software

There is a video here:

Arctic Spas