Super Clean your water in your Arctic Spa

Super Clean your water in your Arctic Spa

by | Jan 20, 2022

Update to Progressive filters with the Pre-Filter installed

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas®. I want to give an update to the Progressive filters for the Custom Series Arctic Spas for 2020 and newer. The Progressive filters will now come with the Pre-Filters installed at no additional cost. This will be a huge benefit to super clean the water and help the Progressive filters last longer.

Just as a reminder the Pre-Filter fits in the top of the Progressive filter. It is a super fine filter that will essentially not let any debris through to the bottom layers of the Progressive Filter. The Pre-Filter will last for about a week and then you will need to remove it. You will know it is time to remove the Pre-Filter when there is no more water coming over the top of the skimmers. This might happen in less than a week’s time too if your water had a lot of stuff in it or it was cloudy.

To remove the Pre-Filter, shut the spa off at the breaker. Remove the skimmer by pulling it straight up. Pull up the Progressive Filter to remove it from the cannister. The Pre-Filter just snaps into the top of the Progressive filter so you can remove it by just pulling it out. Once it is removed, you can reinstall the Progressive Filter making sure it snaps into place and turning the spa back on at the breaker.

The Progressive Filters will last about 6 months. Make sure you use one High Flow and one Standard Flow Filter. Check out our other video to know which filter goes on which side. Once the water stops flowing over the top of the skimmers, it is time to replace them.

Remember you can purchase your Progressive Filters and extra Pre-Filters plus everything else for your Arctic Spa at with the convenience of free home delivery.

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