More Time with Family in an Arctic Spa

More Time with Family in an Arctic Spa

by | Mar 8, 2022

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. We cannot create more time in our day. We have all been blessed with just 24 hours, right? I heard someone refer to the TV and mindless surfing of the internet as dream wasters, meaning your dreams are wasted away when we get sucked in to wasting time this way. While we cannot create more time, but we can create quality time.

Hot Tubbing is a perfect way to create quality time with those you care about. There are no screens or any other distractions when we hot tub. We just get to focus on the people in the hot tub with us. Whether this is your spouse, your kids, or maybe it is just focusing on you by yourself. This time that we get to connect is just priceless.

Hot tubs are super easy. I love to go boating but it is a production. There is the time getting everything packed up, food prepared, the boat prepared, and the drive time to the lake. While this to me is totally worth it, it does limit the number of times we can actually go boating as a family. Hot tubs are different. They are right at your house, ready for you to use. It seriously is less than 5 minutes from the decision to hot tub to relaxing in your Arctic Spa. Super easy.

One of my biggest suggestions is place the spa as close to your house as possible. We are all human beings. The easier we make it, the more we will use it. Just keep that in mind.

So now how do you get from where you are now to enjoying a hot tub in your backyard? It is easy. We are here to help. The first step is to reach out to us. Our goal is just to help you find the perfect spa for you. We are available by phone, email, or stop by one of our stores. You can even click on the chat box on the bottom right of our website to start. The second step is to pick out that perfect spa for you. Everyone has individual needs and wants. We are here to help you. The third step is to get your yard ready for your spa. We are also here to help you get this figured out. We can make it as easy as you want. Then enjoy connecting with your loved ones in your new Arctic Spa. Super easy.

For more help finding the perfect spa so you can start creating more quality time, give us a call at 801-483-1001, send me an email to or stop by one of our stores in Salt Lake at 2368 S State Street, just north of I-80 on the west side of State Street or in St George at 1086 W Red Cliffs Drive at the Green Springs Exit.

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