Today when we woke up at the Staples house, we saw the blanket of white snow for the first time this season. My boys were so excited to get dressed up in their snow clothes and go play in the snow.


In Utah we all know that winter is spa season. Sure there are a few warm birds that shut their hot tub down for the winter but that is very rare. Most of us increase our hot tub soaking time when it gets cold outside. So the question that beacons to be answered is “why do we all love hot tubbing so much in the winter?”

I called it a mistake at the time (I think I am over it now though) but last Easter I bought the movie “Frozen” for the family. The next day I found myself in bed with a kidney stone. Over the next few days, I must have watched Frozen at least a dozen times, over and over. I was trapped in bed and everyone wanted to watch it with me. I tell you this because the answer to the “why do we all love hot tubbing in the winter?” question was answered by the snowman Olaf. For those of you who have memorized the song because of a similar experience, I admit that he was actually talking about summer but the same applies in winter and after all he was sitting in a hot tub at the time. He says, “The Hot and the Cold are both so intense put ‘em together it just makes sense.” That is the answer, an experience where you can feel the cold air and the hot water at the same time. It really is intense.

Now that the snow is here, the greatest hot tub soaking season is upon us. For the experienced hot tubber, this is what we have been looking forward to all year. For the inexperienced, this is the time where your dreams and visions of hot tubbing can become reality.

Why do you love hot tubbing in the winter?

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