Installing Progressive Filters for Arctic Spas Custom Series 2020 and newer

Installing Progressive Filters for Arctic Spas Custom Series 2020 and newer

by | Jan 13, 2022

I’m Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. With our 2020 and newer Custom Series Arctic Spas, we have the Progressive Filters which are designed to give you the most maintenance free experience of any hot tub filter lasting up to 6 months without any cleaning. After this time, you simply replace and then enjoy your Arctic Spa again.

These Progressive Filters come in 2 variations, the Standard Flow and the High Flow. The combination of the two will give you the best experience and help the filters last the longest. You will want to make sure you use one High Flow Filter and one Standard Flow Filter every time you change your filters. Remember that if the water is not going over the top of the skimmers, there is no water going through the filters and it is time to replace them.

One common question we get it is “which filter goes on which side in the spa? ”. This is really based on which model you have. Just look at the chart to determine which goes on the right and which is on the left. To determine which is the right and the left, stand on the outside of the spa looking in with the filter area directly in front of you. You can find a link to this chart in the description below.

For example, if you have the Arctic Fox model, the High Flow filter goes on the left side and the Standard Flow filter goes on the right side. After you have determined which filter goes on the right and the left, turn the power off to the spa. Lift the skimmer from the middle and remove the old filter. Install the new filter making sure that it seats down all the way into the filter canister. You should be able to feel the filter snap into position, so it doesn’t move easily. Then replace the skimmer. Duplicate this process on the other side. Then turn the breaker back on to the spa.

One other tip, if you have cloudy water or want to start off with great water, even better water than what comes out of the tap, make sure to try out the Progressive Pre-Filters. They are easy to install, super clean the water, and will remove the debris before it gets to the regular filter. I hope this clears up a common question about the Progressive Filters for you.

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