How much do hot tubs cost?

If there is one question that people ask, it’s “How much does a hot tub cost?”. At Arctic Spas Utah, we get that question from, I would say, 100% of the people who come in through our doors.

The craziness is, that if we were to ask people shopping for hot tubs what they think hot tubs cost, the answers would be all over the board, ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##2000, ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##5000, ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##10,000 or ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##20,000.

As I write this answer, I have my feet sitting up on one of those generic folding camping chairs. It was ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##9.95 at a grocery store. However, my hiney is sitting on a folding camping chair from REI that cost about 4 times more. There is a reason that I am sitting on the more expensive chair.

Just like camping chairs, hot tubs have different options at different prices. Let’s look at a the 6 Factors that will affect the price of your hot tub.

Size – This might seem really logical, the bigger the hot tub the bigger the price. It is not 100% across the board though. Sometimes manufactures use size to create more value, especially when you are just looking at a picture.

Depth – This is one that doesn’t get thought of too much. However, depth makes a difference, surprisingly a bigger difference than what you would think! As I mention to our customers frequently, if you were hot tubbing in a hot climate like Phoenix (which is just unthinkable to most of us Utahns) the overall depth does not make that much of a difference. When you are hot tubbing in the cold winters of Utah though, having greater water depth makes it much easier to stay warm.

Options – You would be surprised at how many options you can add to a typical spa. Here’s a quick example for you: I bought a new car about a year ago. As my wife and I went through the options, we decided we wanted the third row seating (we have 6 in our family), the bigger motor (just for fun with the extra acceleration), my wife really wanted the air purification system (she truly believes that it will prevent cancer, I think), heated and cooled seats and the list goes on! It is no different with a hot tub. You have colors, cabinets, stereos, lighting, ozone water purification, UV water purification, Saltwater purification, steps, covers, cover lifters, gazebos, and the list continues. There are many useful options we want for our cars, likewise there are many useful options for our hot tubs as well.

Quality – Just like the two camping chairs, with quality comes a cost. There are arguments for both sides. Some people see the value in paying more for something that will last longer and others simply just don’t think that it is worth it. I guess all of us are on one side or the other at times.

Service – Much like quality, service after the sale has extreme value for some and not so much for others. With an Arctic Spa, excellent service even 10 years after your purchase is a priority for us.

Design- Lastly, I would also add design to the list that will affect the price. Years ago, (I am talking a long time ago back in the 90’s) we sold an octagon hot tub. It had flat seats, flat walls, flat bottom. It was a 3D stop sign. Guess who else sold an octagon hot tub?…everyone. Why, because my 10 year old son could have made the mold for it with just sand. It had no design value and cost manufactures very litte. Just like my car example though, we all want comfort and with comfort comes time in the design process. That time contributes to the cost.

Now that you have the 6 factors that influence the cost of the hot tub, lets look at the price ranges.

Sub ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##4000 – These are really the ultra cheap hot tubs. In the world of cars, this is like buying a brand new car in 2017 that costs less that ##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##20,000. There are a few out there, but they are really basic and most likely have skimped on the 6 factors above, same with hot tubs.

##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##4000-##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##6000 – You are starting to get into “real” hot tubs that are more basic but offer some great options. Many people call these starter hot tubs.

##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##6000-##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##8000 – Now you start to see some extra features that might really be things that you would find enjoyable. You will find more jets and sometimes even some extras like stereos.

##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##8000-##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##10000 – This is probably one of the most popular price ranges. Many people look at this as a happy medium, not skimping but not extravagant.

##CURRENCY_SYMBOL##10000 plus – In this price range you will not only have your needs met, but this is were your WANTS are fulfilled. This is where you get the longest warranties and frankly, possibly all six of the cost factors I mentioned above. Just like buying a nice car, this gives you bragging rights.

So hot much does a hot tub cost? Well that depends upon the most important factor and that is you.

I hope this helps give you some direction in determining how much you want to spend. Use these 6 factors to determine what is import to you and you will be prepared for your hot tub purchase.

Happy hot tub shopping!

Christian Staples

Owner- Arctic Spas Utah