Many people ask us why we use the name Arctic instead of something normally associated with hot water like many other brands do. We use the name Arctic because we want you to know that the Arctic Spa is specifically designed for the world’s harshest climates. Since we are built in Edmonton, Canada, engineering a hot tub for cold climates just comes naturally to us.

One of the major design differences with an Arctic Spa is what we call HeatLock. The HeatLock system is a perimeter insulating system, much like your home, that insures that all of the equipment, plumbing and parts of the hot tub are protected by three to four inches of high density foam sprayed on the cabinet wall.

Other brands will make you believe that in order for a water line to be insulated, the foam has to be sprayed directly onto the pipe. This could not be further from the truth. Look at your house for proof. The insulation is in the exterior walls. The water lines throughout your home are on the interior walls where there is no insulation. Why is it done this way in your house? Because it is the right way to offer the highest level of protection. We do the same at Arctic Spas. We create an insulated box and then put all of the components and plumbing inside to give the maximum protection against the cold and the elements.

Not only does this design offer the highest level of protection for your spa plumbing and equipment, we have taken it one step further. The electrical equipment in your spa creates heat. Every spa has to deal with this heat in some way. Every other spa uses vents in the cabinet to get rid of the heat which wastes the heat to the outside. Because we do not have any vents in our cabinet, we actually utilize the water to act as a heat sink, drawing the heat away from the equipment which keeps it cool but also helps heat the water. Much like a hybrid car utilizes excess energy to save gas, the Arctic Spa is a hybrid hot tub utilizing the excess heat to save you money every month on your electric bill.

Lastly, Arctic Spas have one more advantage that is often overlooked. Way back in 1989, I started out servicing all brands of hot tubs. Whenever there was a leak in these other brands, I had to find the leak by taking apart the cabinet and digging out the wet foam until I found the source of the leak. With the Arctic Spa, it is a service tech’s dream come true. Since the foam is sprayed on the cabinet instead of the plumbing, when you open an access door, what you see is nothing more than naked plumbing. To find and fix a leak with an Arctic Spa, all you do is open the door and look for the leak. This saves hours of labor and lots of your money when you are paying for the repair.

So if you are looking for the best protection for your spa with hybrid heating, money saving technology, look no further than the HeatLock System on the Arctic Spa.