beforeafterWe just finished removing an almost brand new spa (another brand) from a customer’s home in Park City. The customer had 2 complaints about his previous spa experience. The first was the spa was not big enough for his family. He had been “talked” into this smaller spa because of his spa requirements. It was soon evident that the family was not using the spa because of the size. They could not all get in at the same time. The second was the finish around the spa. He wanted a custom, built in look to the spa. He had invested a substantial amount of money in the rock work that went around the spa. The previous spa company just set the spa in place and did not finish it off around the spa. When you look at these pictures you can see the gap that was left. Especially when you consider the amount of money invested in the custom look of the patio and spa area, this just is not acceptable to not finish the job.

Some minor adjustments were made with the rock around the spa area, we put in a much bigger spa, our Summit XL 9 person spa, custom made a cover to fold against his wall, and of course, trimmed out the spa so it now has a nice finished look worthy of the rock work around it.

Who you have install the spa makes all the difference. We pay attention to the details. Like what you see? Contact us to duplicate this experience for you.