The other day I set up a test drive of the Tesla Model S. If you’ve never driven a Tesla, it is an amazing experience. As we were talking to the staff at the store they mentioned that Tesla offers over the air updates to the software in their cars, for FREE. He said that they want to give us that new car experience for years to come, over and over again by releasing new features through these software updates.

My wife leaned over to me and said that this sounded very familiar. This is because Arctic Spas does the same thing.

In 2011 we started this process by developing a spa that communicates by wifi. Today, you can communicate with your Arctic Spa from anywhere in the world where you have access to the internet by either your Smartphone or computer. Why is this so important?

First, over the air updates. This means that as we come out with new features on the spa that are software based, we can send them directly to your spa. All of a sudden, your spa has a new feature that gives you that new spa experience all over again. We also do this for FREE.

Second, remote control. You have the ability to adjust your settings, temperature, or whatever you like, remotely. This can be something as simple as turning on the lights before you go out to your spa at night. Or if you are away for your Arctic Spa, you can check in on to make sure everything just the way you want it.

Third, remote monitoring. There are no video cameras here so no issues with privacy, don’t worry. The way this works is that the spa will report back to us as your dealer. We can monitor it to make sure it is working in tip top shape. Plus when you call in with a question, we can see what you see so we can answer your questions more precisely.

Lastly, being proactive instead of reactive. What I mean by this is with every other spa, if you have an issue, you call the dealer to come fix it. What we are moving to is for us as your dealer to be constantly monitoring your Arctic Spa. This allows us to be proactive and let you know when you have an issue that needs to be addressed. This is simply unheard of in the spa industry.

So if you are looking for the most connected spa with free upgrades, remote control, remote monitoring and proactive service, look no further than the Arctic Spa. Give us a call at 801-483-1001 or check us out on the web at