Where to buy a hot tub in Salt Lake City?

Just about everyday at Arctic Spas Utah, we get asked by customers what other brands they should look at. We obviously believe that we have the very best product and very best service, but ultimately we may not be the right option for everyone.

Let’s look into other options that are available to you when it comes to purchasing hot tubs in Salt Lake City. Being that Utah is home to one hot tub manufacture, Bullfrog, they are really the biggest brand in Utah. Bullfrog was started years ago by the son of the founder of Dolphin Pools and Spas. Bullfrog is still sold by Dolphin Pools in Holladay as well as a factory owned store in Bluffdale.

Backyards of America carries a brand called Sundance Spas. Sundance is manufactured by a conglomerate of spa brands all under the Jacuzzi umbrella. They are located in Sandy.

Almost next door is Aqua Tech, one of Utah’s largest swimming pool builders. They sell a brand called Caldera. Caldera is manufactured by Jacuzzi’s arch rival, Watkins Manufacturing. They also manufacture the world’s most popular hot tub brand called Hot Springs, which is not sold in Salt Lake City.

A little farther north is Soakers in Midvale. They are a dealer selling a smaller brand called Artesian. Artesian Spas are manufactured just down the I-15 road in Las Vegas.

So there you have your list of options for new hot tubs in Salt Lake City

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I hope this helps you give you direction on where you can shop for hot tubs in Salt Lake City.

Happy hot tub shopping!

Christian Staples

Owner-Arctic Spas Utah