Arctic Spas Utah made it to a national hot tub magazine called SpaRetailer. Check it out!

We continue to appreciate our association with Angel’s Hands Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps families with kids with rare medical conditions.

“AHF started with 10 families in Utah and has grown to aid more than 600 families across the state who represent more than 200 rare medical conditions. The organization assists with medical expenses; travel to specialists and national conferences on various diseases; and provides social outings for families.”

We have sold hot tubs to their organization since 2002 at a discount and have donated hot tubs to be auctioned at their annual AHF gala since 2005 which has raised about $90,000.00.

arctic spas utah angel hands foundation

“I believe that we all have a responsibility to help support people with a good cause,” Staples says.

“Hearing the stories of these families really helps you to realize the blessings that we have and, for the most part, take for granted. Hot tub dealers really have no more or less responsibility versus anyone else. It is just as important for all of us to play a part in helping other people.”

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