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by | Oct 13, 2020

Our focus is about long-term enjoyment of your Arctic Spa. An important detail of hot tub enjoyment is the jets. Most spa shoppers may think they are considering the jets but can be clouded by the short-term illusion of what is comfortable. Or maybe it is the need we have to compare apples to apples which is inherently based on two things being the same. In this case, you are looking for two hot tubs that are quite similar, apples to apples. Just to give you a warning, you’d be comparing apples to oranges if comparing an Arctic Spa® against another brand because we set out to be different. Comfort is what is important, not necessarily just the number of jets. You need the right size of water nozzle, the proper pressure, the jet in the right place, and the ability to adjust all of this based on your needs.

arctic spas ripple jets
steel low profile arctic spas ripple jet
steel low profile arctic spas ripple jet
arctic spas pulse jet
arctic spas pulse jet

Every jet in every Arctic Spas® is a massaging jet and fully adjustable. In the world of jets, this is the highest-grade jet and frankly the most expensive to produce but by far the most comfortable. Massaging jets are more than just stationary pressure, there is movement to the water flow creating a pulsating effect. This successfully mimics a massage at a day spa, it is about pressure and then release. If you have stationary jets, the action is just constant pressure. Can you imagine receiving that for a massage? No thank you! But in the spa world, manufactures will load up seats with lots of stationary jets because they look inviting and are inexpensive. You think that when you get in the spa, it will be glorious but remember though that it comes with constant pressure. This means that you will have to do more of the work by rotating around. What happened to winding down in your hot tub? Arctic Spas® Jets let you relax in the seat and enjoy while every single jet does the massaging work for you.

Another important part of jet enjoyment is the ability to customize the pressure. Arctic Spas® are designed with zones depending on how many pumps you choose which divides the spa up into between 1 to 4 zones. This is comparable to the dual climate controls on cars; sometimes one person wants jets, and the other person doesn’t. Different zones created by multiple pumps allow you to have sections of the spa with the jets on and other sections with the jets off, pleasing everyone. Then we take it one step further. Each jet can be turned on or off and anywhere in between. For example, if you want to have extra pressure on your lower back you can turn the jets off on your upper back and redirect the pressure to the lower back giving you what you need, where you need it.

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Let’s not forget that an essential part of jet enjoyment is the size. Bigger jets are simply better than smaller jets. You will hear complaints of people with other brands saying their jets hurt or make them itch. Small jets look inviting but, in the end, the broader the water jet is the better it feels.

Lastly, your needs change which makes the fact that Arctic Spas® are fully upgradeable great news. You can add more jets and pumps as the years pass on. This is your insurance policy that no matter what, you will not make the wrong decision with an Arctic Spas® because you can always customize it to what you need in the future.

For the best, most comfortable jets and the only spa where you can add more jets and pumps, look no further than the Arctic Spas®.

Stop by our store to check out the jets for yourself at 2368 S State Street, just north of I-80 on the west side of State Street, look us up online at or give us a call at 801-483-1001.

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