Arctic Spa vs Tesla Model X – Connected to the Internet
One of the features of owning a Tesla is that it is connected to the internet. This offers some great features that until you have driven one, you simply just don’t understand the importance. Some new cars have some of the features but Tesla has taken it to the extreme with their “Smart Device” concept.

The most obvious indication that you have an internet connect car when you get into the driver’s seat is the 17″ touchscreen. At first this seems very large and almost out of place. However, as I was test driving the Tesla, the salesperson was going through the map software looking at traffic and how we can get around it. It was actually very functional and helpful.

He mentioned a very important feature of having an internet connected car, over the air updates. He said at Tesla, they want us as their consumers to have a new car experience over and over again for years to come. They accomplish this by giving new features to the car by via the internet. Then the next time we go to drive our Tesla, there is a new option that we can now use. This is almost unheard of in the car industry and it is definitely unheard of by doing it for free.

Arctic Spas are no different. We aim to have every Arctic Spa connected to the internet and we provide this to our customers for free. Here is a good example of how this makes such a big difference. In 2011, we started offering local remote control of our spas. The Arctic Spa customer could download the app on their phone and then connect up to the spa. This had a limited range as you had to be within a smaller range of the spa for it to work. It was super cool. Then the next step was the ability to connect the spa to the wifi network of your home. This allowed you to control your spa from anywhere inside your home network. Next was getting the spa connected to the internet so it could be controlled from anywhere with an internet connection.

All of these upgrades were given to our customer for free. Back in 2011, we never promised that we would offer the ability to control the spa from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection. In fact, frankly, we as a dealer, did not even know this was going to be possible. However, now that those spas are years old, those Arctic Spa customers have had the ability to get a new feature added to their spa and we were able to give it to them for free. This has given them that new spa experience years later.

There are actually 4 main reasons to have a “Smart Spa” versus any other brand.
1. Over the Air Updates
2. Remote Control
3. Remote Monitoring
4. Proactive Service

Check out my latest video with more information on these four features we give our customers for free!

Remember, these features are only available on the Arctic Spa and we give them to you for free!
Until next time on the road with Arctic Spa vs the Tesla Model X